ZooPhytoImage 1.2

Scale must be measured separately for each picture
1.2-1 (See all)

Microscope Color. A plugin to process images coming from a microscope equiped
with a digital camera. Scale must be measured separately for each picture (or
at least, for each resolution used). Colors are not supposed to be calibrated.
Scanner Color. This is very close to the PVA treatment. It works on
Jpeg color images of stained fixed zooplankton (haematoxilyn) scanned with a
simple commercial flatbed scanner in reflective mode (the usual mode). Just
use a petri disk on top of the scanner to hold your sample.
Scanner Gray16. This plugin is designed to work with 16bit gray scale pictures
scanned with an EPSON 4870/4990 flatbed scanner, or equivalent, in transparent
mode with VueScan.
Macrophoto Gray16. A plugin to work with grayscale pictures obtained from
macrophotography (tested with Canon EOS 20D and macro f2.8/100mm lens). The
process is made as similar as possible to the Scanner Gray16 plugin.

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